VIP Lounge

The VIP lounge is an oasis at IMTC WORLD. Our Platinum and Gold Sponsors, Speakers and guests that register for the VIP Lounge (see fees in side column) are invited to come in and enjoy the help of a an IMTC member who, as the VIP Host, will help any VIP guest with appointment needs, printing, faxing, directions, networking, etc. Plus at the VIP Lounge we have coffee and lemonade available in between coffee breaks.

Plus, Companies can also rent the 4 Offices available for $ 375 and have their own meeting room for the conference, available from 9 am to 5 pm for days one, two and three (not available on pre-conference day as we will be setting up).

Get VIP status at IMTC WORLD!





1. Delgado Travel Agency
2. TransferTo
3. Wells Fargo Bank
4. MORE Money Transfers
5. Tempo Worldwide


Fees and General Rules

  • $ 375 dollars for the 3 conference days
  • Company will pay $95 extra for each company member to use the office at anyone time
  • Company can invite into the VIP Lounge, for meetings, conference attendees. The invitees should exit the room when meeting is over.
  • No outside visitors are allowed; every invitee must be a registered attendee with an IMTC conference badge.
  • Please make appointments and inform the VIP hosts so she will be able to easily allow non VIP members to enter

VIP Guests

  • Platinum and Gold Exhibitors are VIP Guests
  • Speakers and Panelists are VIP Guests
  • IMTC Advisory Board Members are VIP Guests
  • Any Conference Attendee can be a VIP Guest for a fee of &95 for the whole conference. Treat yourself! Payable at registration. You can modify your registration to include this option. Space is limited.

Sponsorship Package


Promotional Opportunities

We have many promotional opportunities at IMTC. You can check the Sponsorship Package for some of our ideas. But if you have any great marketing idea for your product or service, let us know.