Manuel Orozco is a senior fellow with the Inter-American Dialogue. He has conducted extensive research, policy analysis and advocacy on issues relating to global flows of remittances, and migration and development worldwide. He is chair of Central America and the Caribbean at the U.S. Foreign Service Institute and senior researcher at the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University. He frequently testifies before Congress and has spoken before the United Nations. Orozco holds a PhD in political science from the University of Texas at Austin, a MA in public administration and Latin American studies, and a BA in international relations from the National University of Costa Rica. Orozco has published widely on remittances, Latin America, globalization, democracy, migration, conflict in war torn societies, and minority politics. His recent publications include reports for the U.S. Agency for International Development and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. His books include: Migration, Remittances and Development in the Global Economy, Lynne Riener 2013;  America Latina y el Caribe: desarrollo, migracion y remesas, San Jose: Flacso 2012; Remittances: Global Opportunities for International Person-to-Person Money Transfers (London: Lafferty Group, 2005) and International Norms and Mobilization for Democracy (London: Ashgate Publishers, 2002).

Selected publications:

Future trends in Remittances; Remittance Recipients and the Present and Future of Micro-Entrepreneurship Activities in Cuba, (2011); A Commitment Amidst Shared Hardship: Haitian Transnational Migrants and Remittances, Journal of Black Studies, March 2011. “A Scorecard in the Market for Money Transfers: Trends in Competition in Latin America and the Caribbean (2010).” “Migration, Remittances and Assets in Bangladesh (2010). “Toward financial independence: Financial literacy for remittance senders and recipients” (June 2010), “Remittances and development: financial literacy,” (May 2010),