From its inception in 1996, the Sigue family of companies has been dedicated to providing excellence in money transfer services. With a profound knowledge of the underserved needs of Mexicans and Mexican-American immigrants across the United States, Mr. Guillermo (Bill) de la Viña set out to meet the needs of hard working individuals seeking to send money home to their families by providing a quality service and treating his customers with courtesy, dignity and respect.

Sigue, from the very first day, emphasized consistent quality service and value, which has helped Sigue grow into one of the most respected companies in the money transfer industry. The success of this philosophy is demonstrated in the market’s response.

Sigue pioneered the concept of the “red phone” model for origination of transactions and achieved a dominant position in the US to Mexico market in less than a decade. The company has since expanded operations to over 15 Latin American countries and has successfully established a proprietary network of independent locations in Mexico and Guatemala.

By the late 2000s, the company consolidated its leadership position in the US to Latin America corridor and sought to expand its horizons globally by growth through acquisition. Through a series of acquisitions, culminating in its largest and most recent acquisition in 2011, Sigue today is the largest privately held global provider of remittance services and one of the top five companies in the money transfer industry.

Sigue, as a leading global money transfer company, now has operations in over 145 countries. The company has offices in 15 countries and operational centers in the United States, Mexico and India. The company also manages all of its technology needs through state of the art data centers located on both sides of the United States.

Within the United States, Sigue holds licenses and operates in 50 states and jurisdictions. Internationally, Sigue’s global arm is headquartered in London and is a UK payment institution duly authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to passport into 10 European Economic Area Member States, in order to provide money remittance services pursuant to Directive 2007/64/EC (PSD). Outside of the US our family of companies also hold licenses in Spain, France and Hong Kong.

Sigue continues to grow, never losing sight of the founding core values of the company and treating employees, customers and business partners with dignity and respect.