Serge Mbay Kabway, 43, has been the DRC Country Manager of MoneyTrans since March 2009. He trained in general medicine at Uludag University (Bursa/Turkey), with clinical experience opportunities in thoracic surgery in Italy (Policlinico Umberto Primo/Rome), in palliative care in the UK (Greenwhich & Bexley Cottage Hospice/London) and in HIV/AIDS in the DRC (ACS AMO-Congo/Kinshasa).

Between 2006-2009, he was hired several times to lead congolese business and official delegations to annual Turkey-Africa/World economic forums due to the fact that he knew well both turkish language and culture. It helped him build a solid relation network and connected him to the business world.

As member and Deputy Chairman of the Conventional Remittance Companies Platform in the DRC, he believes that even though the use and efficiency of mobile & electronic payment system are obvious in the DRC, however, the crucial part still played by the traditional remittance companies in such a wide and developing country is to be carefully considered. Thus, a fair and well-balanced approach is vital to reach the expected financial inclusion.

Additionally, Mbay K. Serge has been contributing since 2005 in launching community development programmes (health, education and environment) through a charity organization named Elongo Elonga ( He fluently speaks six languages (Lunda, Swahili, Lingala, French, English & Turkish).