Rodolfo was the creator of the first bitcoin non-profit organization in Latin America and its one of the most well-known and respected individuals in the bitcoin environment. He is a co-founder of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina and a key mover in almost all the social initiatives related to Bitcoin & Blockchain in the region. Together with Franco Amati and Diego Gutierrez Zaldívar, organized LaBitConf in 2013, the first bitcoin conference organized in the region and one of the first in the world. He has been also part of Espacio Bitcoin, a three-story building in central Buenos Aires, which has hosted Bitcoin and Blockchain start-ups, as well as many meetups and educational workshops.

After Buenos Aires in 2013, LatBitConf, an IMTC partner event, went on to Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile and in 2016 in Montevideo with large crowds gathering to learn, share, network and engage with visionaries and businesses that are part of a growing ecosystem.

His Bitcoins project started in 1998, he registered the domain in 2000 and in 2011 he suddenly got a lot of offers to buy the domain and days later he learnt about Satoshi’s Bitcoin (started in 200*) and sold the domain to the now defunct exchange Mt. Gox, which was the leading Bitcoin exchange in the early days.

Rodofo earned his BA in Communications (Publicidad) at the Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales in 1998 and his MBA at the Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires in 2007. For more than 10 years he has been a Director at CESYT (Centro de Estudios Sociales y Tecnológicos), a technical educational institution in Argentina. He is also a founder at, a digital start-up for product registration, information & specials.