At Yokip Consulting, we provide vetted introductions and a proven process to successfully match cross border payment companies to the banks, financial institutions, US licensing solutions, and professionals needed to run your business. In short, we are expert financial institution matchmakers. 

Not every bank, compliance, and technology partner is prepared for the operations and regulatory oversight that comes with cross border payments. 

We’ve interviewed hundreds of banks and stay up-to-date with the requirements of over  30 of them that are interested in fintechs, international money transfer operators, money transfer agents, third party payment processors, crypto companies, and other MSBs so you don’t have to. 

Our banks and financial institutions offer direct accounts, settlement accounts, FBO accounts, sponsorship white label solutions, payment APIs, kyc APIs, and other features that will let you deliver better. 

Know your options. Avoid the runaround. And speak to the consultants at Yokip Consulting to see if we can help you with your banking and licensing needs.