Who comes to CROSSTECH?

CROSSTECH attendees include companies involved in cross border transfers & payments as well as firms providing an array of services and products to this growing segment of the financial services industry. The list is long and diverse: bank and non-bank financial institutions, international money transfer companies, remittance service providers, card companies, payment processors, merchant service providers, telecommunication networks, mobile money service providers, retail chains, financial services organizations, foreign exchange firms, VCs & blockchain-based financial services providers, bill payment, airtime as well as many other complimentary services providers and providers of industry services such as legal, compliance, bonding, auditing, software, IT development & security, etc.

The main purpose of CROSSTECH (Formerly IMTC) is to provide hybrid events: our in-person events is a stage for executives to network with colleagues from all sectors of the industry to develop partnerships that move the industry forward; the virtual component of our events caters for members of the industry who are eager to listen to industry experts, learn from our sessions and network digitally with any participants. Our PNET digital community is a way for all members to network!  Our presential & virtual sessions bring current issues to light challenging participants to interact, comment, share their views & opinions, discuss trends and discover opportunities.

CROSSTECH enables sponsors to showcase their products and services, both virtually and in our in-person trade show, and facilitates the development of partnerships, increasing the reach of payment & communication networks and encouraging innovation and cooperation in the field. IMTC partners with industry associations worldwide and encourages fintech start-ups to come and showcase their ideas. We have developed the RemTECH Awards, a yearly event hosted by the Global Forum on Remittances, Investment & Development, GFRID organized by IFAD, World Bank & the United Nations.

With the growth of the industry, the increased focus on this dynamic space and the evolution and emergence of new entrants from across the digital and physical payments world, the industry is converging on the CROSSTECH stage which is at the center of the cross-border money transfer revolution.

We have rebranded our main event to CROSSTECH WORLD set in Miami every November with +500 participants coming from more than 70 countries in the world. We are rebranding our regional events as well, such as CROSSTECH LATAM, CROSSTECH EMEA, CROSSTECH ASIA, CROSSTECH AFRICA and our Regliance event to CROSSTECH COMPLIANCE, as well as custom event, the CROSSTECH Forums which we develop with partners worldwide. Check all the conferences we have done since 2010 (conference books).

More than 4000 Participants (2015-2019)
More than 800 Companies

More than 70% of participants come form Financial Institutions while 30% are technology and consulting services providers. Although the presence of women has been growing 2-3% by year, they make only 26% of the attendees.

At CROSSTECH WORLD, while we have participants from more than 40 countries, many delegates using an address in the US for their office location are representatives of European & Asian Companies & Institutions. US Participants come from all states, with a strong presence from the North & South East as well as West & South West.

CROSSTECH is looking to reach a worldwide audience with events in every continent

Top Level Attendees