Usend is a US-based global fintech that offers a complete portfolio of products for the global financial needs of individuals and businesses. With over 14 years of experience, Usend is the market leader in remittances from the United States to Brazil. Building a future with fewer borders is our motivating goal. Empowering people and businesses to simplify their financial lives is our biggest inspiration.

Our expertise in the Brazilian market and our pioneering spirit in compliance enabled in 2021 the acquisition agreement by Banco Inter, one of the fastest-growing financial institutions in Brazil in recent years.

With the merger, the company has the potential to become a fully digital bank, with an even greater offer of life-changing products, serving not only Brazilian residents in the United States but the entire American market. In addition, Banco Inter’s 14 million customers in Brazil will be able to access an American Global Account and enjoy all the services and products offered by Usend.

Our history starts as Pontual Money Transfer, a company licensed as an MSB (Money Service Business), established in 2007 in Manhattan Beach, California, and created to make life easier for Brazilian immigrants, fulfilling the need for expertise in sending remittances to Brazil. In a highly regulated market, Pontual Money Transfer pioneered working in accordance with US laws and regulations of the Central Bank of Brazil. It quickly became the most recognized money transfer brand among the Brazilian community in the United States.

Usend is licensed to act as a money transmitter in more than 40 US states, continuously developing technologies for global payment solutions and respecting the best practices of security, transparency, and regulations. Through partnerships with the most prominent international payments aggregators, multinationals, and banks worldwide, Usend operates in more than 60 countries on 5 continents.

We currently process payments from several international payment platforms and MSBs in Brazil, such as Payoneer, BBVA, Uniteller, Brastel, More, Maxi, Tranglo, PayNearMe, Ripple, Real Transfer, Cashway, Remitee, and TransNetwork. By developing technical integrations or plugging their operations into our existing APIs, our services allow companies to safely and efficiently perform mass payouts to other companies and individuals.

We developed the Usend Global Account for the consumer, an American account 100% free of bureaucracy. A solution that allows people to transfer money, pay bills, make withdrawals, buy gift cards from more than 700 stores and brands, and even buy real estate, in addition to several other services in more than 60 countries, all through the app: easy, fast, and secure.

Brazilian companies can count on Usend Business, a platform specially designed to meet the needs of businesses with worldwide commercial relationships, enabling international money transfer, as well as the sending and receiving of global payments, all in one place. With simplified registration, transparent rates, and various operations in a completely safe and intuitive environment.

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