The Havana Consulting Group has the mission to help its clients in understanding the Cuban market and Cuban consumers in all their dimensions to enable positioning of their brands favorably vis-a-vis competitors. It is one of the leaders among consulting firms specializing in the Cuban market, supported by technology, experience and the prestige of its consultants; guaranteeing the satisfaction of their clients through innovative products that respond to the realities of contemporary Cuba.

HCG also prepares the THCG BUSINESS REPORT, a full of information report on Cuba that is available as a subscription and has frank, clear, and independent analysis and opinions based on the most recent information available. Anyone investing in Cuba must read it. Knowledge is the key. he team of expert consultants who prepare this Business Report is composed of experienced analysts and researchers with vast knowledge of the internal dynamics of the Cuban economy, the social and political situation, and the legal framework as well as the island’s international and commercial relations.

The team consists of some of the most prolific and cited authors in the academic world, experienced journalists who have taken Cuba’s pulse for an extended period of time, executives who are familiar with the world of business
in the U.S. as well as in Cuba, and lawyers who are able to navigate the peculiar Cuban legal environment.
It is important to listen to experts particularly at a time when Cuba is attempting to reform its economic system
to improve efficiency and create sustainable economic growth that improves the standard of living of the population.

Check this brief sample of the report and contact us if you are interested in a subscription. IMTC CUBA 2016 attendees are entitled to a discount, so fill this form and send it to us.

The Team

Emilio MORALES is the President & CEO of The Havana Consulting Group. The group’s advisors, editors contributors are Jorge PéREZ-LóPEZ, International economist, Jorge SALAZAR-CARRILLO, Head of the Center for Economic Research, Florida International University (FIU); Arch RITTER, Distinguished Research Profes-sor Emeritus, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canadá; Julio CERVIÑO, Doctor in Economic and Entreprenurial Sciences of the Carlos III University, Madrid; David ADAMS, Former Reuters Editor in charge for the Southeast U.S. and Caribbean, USA; Armando H. PORTELA, Geographer and cartographer; Carmelo MESA-LAGO, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Economics and Latin American Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and Pascal FLETCHER, Former Reuters Bureau Chief for the Southeast U.S. and the Caribbean.