Sinclair Skinner is Co-Founder of BitMari a Pan-African Blockchain Remittance Platform. BitMari has recently launched a Blockchain project in Zimbabwe. BitMari has partnered with Agribank of Zimbabwe to facilitate remittances using Bitcoin. Bitmari is also operating an Zimbabwean women’s farm accelerator using Bitcoin as a digital coupon. BitMari’s Blockchain activities will ultimately connect farmers to direct investment with smart contracts.

Mr. Skinner was an early political supporter of Bitcoin in the United States. After he formed the African American Super PAC, 1911 United Political Action Committee, it became the first to accept bitcoins for contributions. During a media interview Mr. Skinner told Roll Call, “The doors are opening instead of closing for the use of bitcoin in order to support candidates” and added that the FEC’s move is a “positive step forward in using crypto currency in America.”A social entrepreneur and engineer, Mr. Skinner’s global investments are supporting development efforts in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa. Additionally, he has amassed over 20 years experience in leading movements that improve the lives of those who are disenfranchised politically.