CEO, More Money Transfers, Uruguay

Sergio Pérez Ruiz, Born in Montevideo, Uruguay for 26 years who has worked in the Financial sector, Partner and Director of Financial Institutions of Casas de Cambio in Uruguay.

Founder and Director of Redpagos, an institution dedicated to the development of a transactional network of collections and payments of various characteristics and origins, bill payment, payroll, pensions, social assistance, banking transactions, ATM network, etc. He also participated as a founding partner and Director of a similar network in Paraguay called Red Fácil.

Sergio is a Founding Partner and CEO of More Money Transfers, a remittance entity with its own networks in more than 25 countries in Latin America and remittance payment operations in nearly 50 countries.

He was also Founder and Vice President of the Ibero-American Association of Remitters, AIBER, based in Madrid.

Given his vast experience in the sector, she has been called to participate in various conferences related to both remittances and the financial sector.