The REMITTANCES INNOVATION FORUM was developed by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, money transfer expert and consultant and Andrew Ittleman, a Miami Attorney who represents companies and individuals in highly regulated sectors. Greta Geankoplis, a blockchain technology entrepreneur and advisor & Luis Buenaventura, a Bitcoin Entrepreneur, have joined as coordinators of the Forums, bringing their expertise on board. The forum is a chance for creative companies & individuals, pioneering innovators in the field, fintech start-ups and project developers – using new systems, efficient APIs, blockchain-based protocols, bitcoin or other VCs,etc.  to improve remittances – to meet, network and share the challenges being faced while at the same time discussing the realistic opportunities available in the marketplace as well as the possibilities of working together with both, traditional companies or digital-first entrepreneurs. Besides fintech entrepreneurs, other experts of the industry are invited to provide different perspectives and insights. We are also inviting alternative financial service providers that build upon remittances customers and their needs,

In less than 8 hours everyone will walk away with valuable information, clear understanding and deep appreciation of the pioneering efforts in this sector, knowledge that would take months, even years, to acquire.

The Remittances Innovation Forums led to the development of the RemTECH Awards launched in 2017 to showcase the most innovative and outstanding technological ideas designed to improve remittance services worldwide. Award winners are companies, groups, collectives or individuals that come up with ground-breaking solutions that benefit the market ecosystem and the end-users that send and receive remittances every day. Check the 2017 award winners & mentions and participate in the 2018 Asia Pacific RemTECH Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (May 7-8, 2018)


RemTECH Forum in 2017

@ IMTC WORLD 2017 – November 28

RemTECH IN 2018

We are planning to have RemTECH Forum in our 2018 Conferences in Brussels, San Francisco, Manila and Miami Beach


Your Remittances Innovation Forum Registration includes a one day seminar with a morning coffee break, Lunch, afternoon coffee break, admission to the Trade Fair in the afternoon, and an invitation to the Welcome Reception at the end of the day. The forum will be in English but we will accommodate panelists that do not speak English. Upon completion of MTBIT participants will receive a certificate of participation by email (PDF to print/save).

Attend this one-of-a-kind event and witness the birth of new companies and ideas, some are already developing products & services, some might take months or years to develop but will undoubtedly change the way the international money transfer and payments industry works.

The subject matter presented will be explained thoroughly and the different aspects that make this exciting sector of the financial world will come together as the day progresses and more speakers & panelist share their expertise. Since most attendees are experienced in other fields, participation will be encouraged. Read this Article by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr on How is technology changing the remittance industry? and Luis Buenaventuras Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin as an introduction to the Forum.

If you have a product or service to showcase, contact us and get invited!


Our perspective

What are the processes that are changing the remittance industry more rapidly, the systems that make these changes more apparent and are producing the greater change? What innovations are lowering the cost of handling remittances? What innovations are making remittances more convenient for end-users? What innovative services are being developed for remittance users? What innovations are truly disruptive? How creative is this industry?

Digital technologies are changing the access to the products (i.e. the use of mobile phones) but even more, the processing, security, speed, cost, etc. of the services offered to the public. Companies are being built, tools are being created and they are becoming a vital part of new international money transfer ecosystem that will include the traditional remittance companies that are learning to adapt, innovate and evolve.

The international services are merging and the clients are seeing more and more cross-selling, more offers. The blockchain technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be a secure & cost-efficient digital money system that will bring a number of changes to the way we transfer value internationally. Whether Bitcoin is used by some customers directly or it is used as a settlement mechanism, international transactions are taking place now. More and more P2P, P2B, B2B offerings are coming online. All these innovations will become a reality in a not so distant future. Regulation is slowly making the ecosystem more dependable and safer. Compliance and KYC will be even easier than is today with new fintechs improving the access, storage and retrieval of information. That is why we at IMTC think that it is important to learn, to listen, to analyze and to create partnerships between the old and the new to find better ways to move forward as an industry.
This is the forum to discuss these innovations, to explore the possibilities and create bridges now. The future is now. Read How is technology changing the remittance industry? for a discussion on the subject.

General Subjects to be discussed at the Forum

The Forum Agenda is fairly open to suggestions and to companies and individuals that want to showcase an idea, a business plan, a project. We decided more than two years ago to stop discussing the potential of this or that and concentrate on actual solutions being implemented, being tested or already in the market. We normally like to invite individuals or companies from different geographies, at different stages of development and different levels of investments, from very small to fairly large. We invite seasoned industry colleagues to listen, ask and challenge ideas and contribute with experience and knowledge and to foster the partnerships that this industry has been built upon.

Get invited to the Forum

We invite companies and individuals that can bring value to others and are willing to share knowledge and develop partnerships to advance innovation in Remittances. Get invited or Contact us! .

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