Remittances & Blockchains


Attend these one-day intensive and highly practical Money Transmitter Compliance Certification Courses to obtain the knowledge required to understand, plan, develop and manage US and international compliance programs of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (Payment Institutions/Money Service Businesses). Both the Standard and the Advanced Courses are modified according to the country/region that is presented to account for local differences and perspectives

Attend this one-day intensive course to understand the international money transfer & payments industry, in the US and Internationally, the volumes, corridors, pricing tendencies, channels trends, market leaders, complimentary services, etc.

Attend this one-day engaging forum to discuss, network, share and understand the significant changes that fintech and the blockchain revolution is bringing to the money transfer industry.

The Pre-Conference International Money Transfer & Payments Compliance Certification Course has been developed for IMTC by Connie Fenchel, subject matter expert, consultant and trainer, with years of experience in the Law Enforcement, Regulatory and Business world. Build important technical skills and strategies to manage industry requirements while enhancing the knowledge and necessary awareness to handle the challenges that AML/CTF/Fraud compliance presents to Financial Services Institutions (Payment Institutions/Foreign Exchange Brokers/Money Service Businesses/Money Transmitters).

The Money Transfer Systems Certification Course has been developed by Salvador Velazquez and Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, partners at Mohr World Consulting and experts in the field. Other experts are always invited to share different aspects of the industry and share trends and tendencies in the marketplace.

The MTBIT Forum is a meeting ground for remittance start-ups who are using the blockchain to move money internationally, looking for ways to drive client adoption by remittance senders, taking advantage of the qualities of blockchains such as bitcoin, as a settlement tool as well as an information channel.

Fees for 2016

These prices are in US Dollars. You can pay online using a credit card or pay with a US check, an International Wire Transfer (in USD to our US Bank Account, in Euros to our European Euro Account). We are accepting Bitcoin Payments too. You can register to the Conference only, attend one of our Pre-Conference Certification Courses or both a Course and the Conference at a discounted price.

The sooner you REGISTER, the more you save!


Super Early BirdEarly BirdAdvancedStandardOn Site
Dec 1 – Jan 4Jan 5 – Jan 25Jan 26 – Feb 22Feb 23 – Mar 11March 12
Conference$ 895$ 995$ 1,095$ 1,195$ 1,300
Pre-Conference MTCC Course$ 245$ 295$ 345$ 395$ 450
MTCC Course Advanced$ 645$ 695$ 745$ 795$ 850
Pre-Conference MTSC Course$ 245$ 295$ 345$ 395$ 450
Pre-Conference MTBIT Forum$ 245$ 295$ 345$ 395$ 450
Conference + MTCC$ 1,090$ 1,190$ 1,390$ 1,490$ 1,600
Conference + MTSC$ 990$ 1,090$ 1,290$ 1,390$ 1,500
Conference + MTBIT$ 990$ 1,090$ 1,290$ 1,390$ 1,500
MTCC Course: Standard + Advanced$ 890$ 990$ 1,090$ 1,190$ 1,300

We offer an automatic 15% off for a second and third registrants from the same company. [Fourth & Fifth attendees can get a 25% discount but please contact us for discount code before registering; discounts don’t apply for single courses or MTBIT]. We also have discounts for Members of certain Associations, Government (50%), Academic and NGO employees, students and unemployed MT industry professionals; members of start-ups and young entrepreneurs also qualify for discounts. Contact us if you feel you might qualify.