OKLink is a blockchain money transfer network that gives every remittance and payment company the same cost advantage, global reach, and speed that took Western Union many decades to build. We accomplish this by leveraging the trust of the blockchain to connect and enable transactions between Transfer and Delivery companies worldwide, resulting in an ever-expanding array of payout options and choices in every country.

Launched in August 2016, OKLink is growing rapidly and currently offers payouts in five countries, at over 100,000+ locations. New corridors are being added weekly and we expect to cover over 60 countries by year end. Visit to view our current list of payout options and our fees.

OKLink is a venture capital backed startup, having raised US$10mm from Ceyuan Ventures, Mantra Capital, Ventures Lab and other notable private investors including Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper. In addition, OKLink’s management team also runs OKCoin. Over the past three years, our sister company OKCoin grew to be the largest digital asset exchange in the world, with over one million customers in over 100 countries.