With the beginning of the new century and the new millennium, a new project was also born, wishing to assert itself in its market segment – Novacâmbios.

The world, and especially the financial sector, has become more complex and global than ever imagined. It was the meteoric development of the information technologies; it was the arising with all the vigour of the term “Global Village”, and to contribute to this concept was the emergence of a currency that one wants global – the Euro.

The Novacâmbios project was, over the years, gaining shape and developing. Thus, in a little over 12 years, this project has spread to five countries: Angola, France, Mozambique, Namibia and Portugal, with a network of some 70 branches and more than 300 employees. And we didn’t stop!

Today, we intend to continue developing ourselves and deepen this journey in order to strengthen our project, at the service of our customers, without ever ceasing to be….. – A PROJECT.


In 2000 a group of specialist Portuguese currency traders joined forces with the historical expertise of Montepio Geral, Portugal’s oldest bank, and opened their first exchange office, Novacâmbios, in Rossio Square in Lisbon.

After setting up seven branches in mainland Portugal (three in Lisbon, one in Porto, one in Aveiro, one in Braga and one in Amadora), we opened our first international branch in Luanda, Angola. Since opening our first office in Xinaxixe, Novacâmbios Angola has opened three more branches.

In November 2003, Novacâmbios continued its internationalisation process, opening its first shop on the Champs Elysées in Paris.

Between 2000 and 2006, Novacâmbios opened twelve branches in mainland Portugal, twenty in Angola and one in France. In 2007 we opened the first branch in the capital of Namibia, Windhoek.

In February 2011 Novacâmbios opened its first branch in Tete, Mozambique.

With solid growth in every country where we have a presence, we always keep in mind the company’s corporate mission and values, which we reaffirm through our continuous support to our local partners:
The slogan of Novacâmbios – we exist to serve you – is a reflection of our mission and our values. Our mission is to create long-term economic and social value for an ever-increasing number of people engaged in the buying and selling of currencies. At Novacâmbios, we aim to provide foreign exchange with the highest quality and utmost seriousness, while always operating in staunch opposition to money laundering and terrorist financing. With continuous training of our staff and employees, our prices are competitive and our quality is guaranteed.

Gratitude, passion, determination, respect, friendship and loyalty. These are the values that govern Novacâmbios. They have led us to where we are today, and they will guide our business into tomorrow.


Money Exchange (Available in Portugal, France, Angola, Namibia, and Mozambique), Money Transfer (Portugal: MoneyGram and Real Transfer – France: Western Union – Namibia: Real Transfer)

Tax Free (Currently available at six of our locations across four cities in Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Averio.

PagAqui (a partnership with PagAqui company, available only in Portugal), Internet & Telephone (a partnership with Ultraserve LDT)
Currently available in certain Novâcambios locations in Portugal. Contact us to find a location offering Internet & Telephone near you.

Enterprise Services (Novacâmbios offers forex businesses services at Competitive prices with Free delivery, No commission and Speed! (Currently available in Portugal and France).

Sobre Novacâmbios:

Somos uma empresa especializada na compra e venda de moeda estrangeira e existimos para servir os nossos clientes.

Em 2000 abrimos a primeira agência de câmbios no Rossio, em Lisboa, e actualmente temos mais de 100 Agências, estamos presentes em 6 países e disponibilizamos mais de 60 divisas a preços muito competitivos.

Somos uma equipa de cerca de 400 colaboradores, que trabalham diariamente com paixão, para poder prestar o melhor serviço na área de câmbios e transferências.
Na expansão vamos continuar a nossa aposta nos mercados onde já nos encontramos presentes, aprofundando a procura de novos mercados internacionais, de forma a alargarmos a nossa base de clientes.

Amanhã estaremos ainda mais perto de si!