Meet Sandra Yao: Trailblazing the Way Chinese Business, Payments Interoperability, and Innovation Culture Flourish in Africa

By Olivia Chow Thunes offers a global platform that provides seamless transfer of funds between payment systems in more than 100 countries and 60 currencies. The company was born last year as the cross-border payments offspring of TransferTo, which was established in 2005 beginning with a mobile top-up and rewards business that has become the…

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The Evolutionary Innovator: Ronald Mazursky discusses his approach to product development

I met Ronald Mazursky at his NYPAY event, a New York City payments and mobile commerce group hosting events for innovators and leaders since 2006. He is a founder, officer, and board member of NYPAY. The events often revolve around conversations that involve issuers, merchants, networks, FinTech startups, regulators, and others. As a result, lively…

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Real-Time Payments in the US? A chat with Sofia Freyder, Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase

Sofia Freyder gives us her words of wisdom and joins our RemTECH judging panel again. She’s led the development of international payment products for some of the largest players in the industry, including Western Union, MasterCard, Earthport, and now, JPMorgan. Last year she spoke to us about how innovators can partner with the type of…

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