Thursday, February 11, 2016

of the International Money Transfer & Payments Industry

Here, once again, I have published in my Blog my views on the top 10 most important issues faced by the International Money Transfer & Payments (IMT&P) Industry in 2015. I put this together as a way of reflecting on the significant issues of 2015 as well as to analyze trends for 2016. I have spent countless hours researching these subjects to give you a concise view. These issues are not listed in order of importance. They are based on my own personal opinions and ideas which have been discussed with colleagues in the firm and within the industry. Each issue is further explained in the Blog Posts with hyperlinks to reports and articles that I encourage you to read.
Comments: All this work is worthwhile if I hear from you and I read your opinions. I try to give a world view of the industry but every region and country sees things with a different light. If I’ve missed something of importance or if you have more to add, please reply to this email or make your comments on LinkedIn. Follow us on Twitter.

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IMTC Events in 2016
First up IMTC USA 2016 in Las Vegas March 14-16

In one month we will begin our 2016 event season with our IMTC USA 2016 Conference at the Westin Las Vegas. We call it our US Money Transmitters Conference where we discuss the US market at length, in a small and more intimate event where true networking opportunities develop and partnerships are formed. Register before Feb. 22nd to benefit from the last discounts.
IMTC BRASIL 2016 registrations are up and running and the work by Co-Director Daniel Trias and Event Coordinator Paula Cotait has been fantastic. We have the greatest selection of sponsors we have ever had and the Agenda will prove once again to be excellent.

Association partnerships in 2016

For IMTC USA 2016 we are happy to partner with the MSBA, the Money Service Business Association. All members of the MSBA – and potential members too, have special discounts to come to the conference and the courses we offer. Contact Kathy Tomasofsky if you are interested and join!
For IMTC BRASIL 2016 we are happy to partner with ABRACAM, the Brazilian Association of Foreign Exchange Brokers. All members of ABRACAM receive great discounts to join us. Contact Kelly Massaro, if you are interested in the work of the association, which is extraordinary.
For IMTC EMEA 2016 we are happy to partner with ANAED, the ASOCIACION ESPAÑOLA DE ENTIDADES DE PAGO. All members of ANAED will receive great discounts to participate in the conference. Contact José Hervás, a long time industry attorney who has managed the association for many years. The present President is our colleague and friend Francisco Moreno (Europhil). We are looking forward to this partnership!