MTCC Compliance Certification Courses

In this conference we offer both, our standard MTCC Compliance Certification Course and our Advanced Course. Both Courses have been developed for IMTC by Connie Fenchel, subject matter expert, consultant and trainer with a distinguished career in Law Enforcement, Regulatory Agencies and in the Private Sector. The courses are full of practical information, unparalleled guidance and important insights on best practices and expectation of supervisory entities worldwide.

You must take the standard Course to participate in the Advanced Course (exceptions will be granted by proven experience in the field)

MTCC Compliance Certification Courses

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Pre-Conference MTCC


Avanced MTCC


MTCC Compliance Certification Course- Standard – Pre-Conference Day

Your Course Registration includes a one day intensive and highly practical Course with a morning coffee break, Lunch, afternoon coffee break, admission to the Trade Fair in the afternoon, and an invitation to the Welcome Reception at the end of the day. The course will be in English with Spanish translation (only at IMTC WORLD). Upon completion of the course and the successful passing of an online test, participants will be awarded a Certificate and their names will be displayed in our Certified Money Transfer Compliance Specialists page. Build important technical skills and strategies to manage requirements while enhancing the technical skills and awareness necessary to handle the challenges that BSA/AML/CTF/Fraud compliance presents internationally to Non-Bank Financial/Payment Institutions and Money Transfer Businesses.

MTCC+ Compliance Certification Course Advanced – First Conference Day


Your Advanced Course Registration includes a full day intensive course where instructors will be discussing in depth particular compliance and regulatory subjects that need special attention as well as the discussion of cases whose significance make them extremely important for any financial institution, any place in the world. Participation is encouraged and ample time will be devoted to attendees questions and concerns. Attend this highly practical Advanced Money Transmitter Compliance Certification Course to obtain the knowledge required to take your practice to a whole new level. Upon completion of the course and the successful passing of an online test, participants will be awarded a Certificate and their names will be displayed in our Certified Money Transfer Compliance Specialists page.

MTCC Course Subjects

Are you interested in getting a strong grip in what constitute a top-notch compliance practice for a Money Transfer/Money Transmitter & Payments Company? Are you confident you can implement, participate in or maintain an effective company wide compliance program?

The key topics of this program include:

  • Framework and application of AML laws, regulations and compliance environment for money transmitters
  • Developing a AML risk assessment
  • High-risk products, services and geographies
  • Mobile Wallets, Bitcoins and other alternative Payment Systems
  • Components of a risk-based anti-money laundering compliance program
  • Essentials for effective customer identification and due diligence
  • Training for appropriate personnel
  • Creating an effective transaction monitoring program
  • Red Flags
  • Identifying and reporting suspicious activity (SARs)
  • Currency transaction reports (CTRs)
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Responding to law enforcement requests
  • How OFAC compliance fits into the program
  • Understand the AML review and testing requirement
  • Penalties for non-compliance and enforcement actions

The course will be in English (translation into Spanish is available at IMTC WORLD only. Upon completion of the course and the successful passing of an online test, participants will be awarded the MTCC Certificate.

MTCC+ Course Subjects (Advanced)

Are you interested in deepening your existing knowledge of the critical issues facing a sound compliance practice? Are you struggling with the implementation and maintenance of an effective risk based enterprise wide compliance program?

The MTCC+ provides an opportunity for you to flex your compliance muscles with a focused curriculum designed to help you address changing regulatory expectations. Enhance your contribution to your Company’s success and demonstrate your professional value. In this full day session, we will explore various aspects of AML compliance by equipping participants with advanced concepts and applying real life scenarios through lecture, case study, practical examples, and interactive scenarios.

Key topics designed to advance your knowledge include:

  • Structuring your compliance department to maximize efficiencies and demonstrate effective controls
  • Managing multiple stakeholders – bank partners, law enforcement, FinCEN, state regulators
  • How to handle BSA and Fraud compliance…combine or keep separate?
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting: What and when to report; when to sever customer relationship vs. continuous SAR reporting; what if law enforcement requests you keep account open?
  • CDD/KYC Reviews / Correspondent Reviews / EDD & High Risk Reviews
  • Third party risk management /vendor due diligence

Stay on top of regulatory changes and expectations while advancing your professional compliance skills. Upon completing the MTCC+, you will:

  • Gain new approaches for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your compliance program
  • Understand how to more effectively manage documentation
  • Improve techniques for managing stakeholders
  • Learn new methods for managing multiple compliance tasks

All the names of registrants that have been certified for the  MTCC and MTCC+ appear in our Certified Money Transfer Compliance Specialists page.


MTCC Compliance Course Registrants:

To be eligible, registrants must have a basic understanding of compliance to to get a better return on their investment.

Each registrant must pass an online examination consisting of multiple choice questions and achieve a passing score of 80%.

MTCC+ (Advanced) must:

Have earned the MTCC and be a Certified Money Transfer Compliance Specialist*

Be employed as a compliance officer or in a compliance department.

Each registrant must pass an online examination consisting of multiple choice and essay questions and achieve a passing score of 85%.

Fees for 2016

These prices are in US Dollars. You can pay online using a credit card or pay with a US check, an International Wire Transfer (in USD to our US Bank Account, in Euros to our European Euro Account). We are accepting Bitcoin Payments too. You can register to the Conference only, attend one of our Pre-Conference Certification Courses or both a Course and the Conference at a discounted price.


The sooner you REGISTER, the more you save!

Super Early BirdEarly BirdAdvancedStandardOn Site
Dec 1 – Jan 4Jan 5 – Jan 25Jan 26 – Feb 22Feb 23 – Mar 11March 12
Conference$ 895$ 995$ 1,095$ 1,195$ 1,300
Pre-Conference MTCC Course$ 245$ 295$ 345$ 395$ 450
MTCC Course Advanced$ 645$ 695$ 745$ 795$ 850
Pre-Conference MTSC Course$ 245$ 295$ 345$ 395$ 450
Pre-Conference MTBIT Forum$ 245$ 295$ 345$ 395$ 450
Conference + MTCC$ 1,090$ 1,190$ 1,390$ 1,490$ 1,600
Conference + MTSC$ 990$ 1,090$ 1,290$ 1,390$ 1,500
Conference + MTBIT$ 990$ 1,090$ 1,290$ 1,390$ 1,500
MTCC Course: Standard + Advanced$ 890$ 990$ 1,090$ 1,190$ 1,300

We offer an automatic 15% off for a second and third registrants from the same company. [Fourth & Fifth attendees can get a 25% discount but please contact us for discount code before registering; discounts don’t apply for single courses or MTBIT]. We also have discounts for Members of certain Associations, Government (50%), Academic and NGO employees, students and unemployed MT industry professionals; members of start-ups and young entrepreneurs also qualify for discounts. Contact us if you feel you might qualify.