Kiosk Prepaid offers a full service turnkey Kiosk that provides bill pay, phone top ups, wire transfer, gift card purchases and sales, prepaid debit cards and so much more. The Kiosk operates on its own with little human intervention and accepts cash and in some cases debit cards and can be placed in any geographical area.
Kiosk Prepaid was created to provide financial freedom to the 100 million+ persons considered unbanked or underbanked in the United States. These persons rely heavily on cash and have a need to conduct their financial business in a quick convenient way. Kiosk Prepaid fulfills that need. Kiosk Prepaid is comprised of a team of professionals that have over a century of combined experience between them in the Money Service Business space, Pre-Paid space, Marketing space and ATM processing space. We know the market better than most and have created a product for the masses. We also have a strong back ground in both Federal AML Compliance and PCI Compliance to ensure our units meet the highest degree of over-site.
Through its un-paralleled commitment to Kiosk design and quality and its keen sensitivity to market trends and awareness of the evolving needs of the targeted population, Kiosk Prepaid intends to be the premier and preferred platform for kiosk related transactions participating in a number of verticals and offering consumers a single, interactive, multi-dimensional tool capable of processing multiple transactions at a single location.