In this edition, IMTC WORLD 2021 conference will be hosted in Miami face-to-face at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. For four days, you can enjoy compliance courses, trading workshops, panels, round tables, and ample space for Networking between executives of the sector and companies from all over the world. We are preparing the event to be a one- stop shop where you can look for products, services and consulting services within our industry. 

Remittance service providers (RSP), money transfer companies (MTO), money services business (MSB), mobile money operators (MMO), payment institutions, bill payment companies, Telcos, digital wallets, foreign exchange firms (Forex), providers of products and services to the industry and banking institutions, will meet to participate in this unique event.  

Topics related to the impact of covid on cross-border financial services and the growing trend towards access to digital services, both at origin and destination, will be discussed. The important role of Fintech in the international payments and remittances sector has given a great boost to technological developments, regulatory and compliance changes, and alliances between companies, banks, mobile services, new platforms, together with the push of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the Blockchain. 

This industry that serves the more than 250 million migrants on the planet who send more than 700 billion dollars to their families each year, touching one in nine people in the world, is now expanding to serve small and medium-sized businesses that need these same international financial services to benefit from globalization and market opportunities. 


From November 16 to 19, all these topics will be covered with the participation of industry experts who will be moderating some of the panels in the scheduled, among them is Zory Muñoz, an expert in Compliance matters with 17 years of experience in the world of remittances and international business; Erick Schneider, with 20 years of experience in the cross-border payments industry and Nabil Kabbani, President and CEO of Cielo Pay, who throughout his career has grown companies to become industry giants thanks to his leverage strategies, among others. 

Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, President and CEO of IMTC, will oversee topics such as the state of the industry and digital transformation, which promise to be a milestone in the global discussion at this time, especially in the case of a post-covid era that allows make digital the starting point for new business models. 

During the event 

On November 16, the courses are focused on regulation of money transfers and investment and cryptocurrency trading. 

For the second day, November 17, the agenda is about digital trends, digital strategies, digital transformation, industry trends, B2B services, and law of modernization of the money transmission model. 

On November 18, the work of Fintech companies in the development of cross-border solutions, opportunities in Latin America, the success of partnerships between cryptocurrency firms and cross-border companies, remittances in Latin America, the status of cross-border transfers and payments in Brazil and market opportunities, developments in regulatory issues in the United States. 

At the last day, November 19, topics on digital wallets and cards as cross-border payment solutions, value trends regarding IPOs, regulatory trends, and the importance of industry associations. 

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More information for our calendar of events after IMTC World where you can join us around the world.  

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