IMTC EMEA Conference Fees in Euros

These prices are in EUROS. You can pay online using a credit card with our PayPal Euro Account or make payments to our Euro Account in Belgium. We are accepting Bitcoin Payments too. Check the fees in US Dollars in the conferences main page.

You can register to the Conference only, attend our Pre-Conference MTCC Compliance Certification Course and the MTSC Money Transfer Systems Course or the Conference and the Courses at a discounted price.


The sooner you REGISTER, the more you save!

EUROSSuper Early BirdEarly BirdAdvancedStandardOn Site
Feb 22 - March 1March 2 - March 28March 29 - April 22April 23 - May 17May 18
CONFERENCE€ 895€ 995€ 1,095€ 1,195€ 1,300
MTCC Course€ 225€ 275€ 325€ 375€ 450
MTSC Course€ 145€ 195€ 225€ 275€ 350
Conference + MTCC€ 1,090€ 1,190€ 1,290€ 1,390€ 1,500
Conference + MTSC€ 990€ 1,090€ 1,190€ 1,290€ 1,400

We offer an automatic 15% off for a second and third registrants from the same company. Fourth & Fifth attendees can get a 25% discount but please contact us for discount code before registering; discounts don’t apply for single courses]. We also have discounts for Members of certain Associations, Government (50%), Academic and NGO employees, students and unemployed MT industry professionals; members of start-ups and young entrepreneurs also qualify for discounts. Contact us if you feel you might qualify.