Cruz Vargas is an award-winning marketeer with 15 years of experience in money transfers and is one of the very few professionals with well-rounded knowledge in the industry. He helped Sigue reach market share leadership to Mexico, helped Xoom through its IPO and its acquisition by PayPal and launched the first industry marketplace with WireCash.

In Marketing, Cruz has won 6 national awards including 1 by the Association of National Advertisers and 5 Telly awards. Has successfully launched services to 40+ corridors/countries worldwide and an additional 20+ partner/payer launches in existing countries.

In Product Development, Cruz has driven industry innovations like sending money via text message, paying bills and sending money in 2 clicks, high-value/high-return incentives, scheduled transfers, lifecycle campaigns, money transfer and support bots as well as micro-corridor targeting.

In Customer Service, Cruz envisioned and scaled a no-call support center and integrated support via social media leading to 2x faster response time and 4x faster resolution at a third of the cost of industry averages – successfully leading to his latest venture

Through IMTC and the Platinum Network, count on Cruz to share experiences and specific examples for accelerating the growth of your business through a combination of top-notch marketing + customer experience across all our customer touchpoints. Cruz holds a business degree from UC Berkeley.