ControlBox Corp. is the company behind ControlMoney’s well-known Money Transfer Software Suite. A team of highly trained engineers and programmers creates software for cargo and money transfer companies worldwide. CM’s experience of hard work is built with the purpose of providing a competitive customer experience, offering the same service to big and small companies with quality and assured satisfaction, empowering companies with the latest in technology and telecommunications. ControlBox Corp. is headquartered in Miami, Florida with satellite offices in London and Dubai.

ControlMoney’s Suite

ControlMoney’s Suite is a multilingual software that can be used in any part of the world, controlling multiple agencies, money transfers and correspondents. It comes in three versions: the Lite version for small companies which is made to maximize revenue with small upfront costs and increase the number of transactions in a short period of time; the Standard version for medium to large companies which includes many features for companies with multiple corridors worldwide and high level requirements and the Professional version for large enterprises, the most complete solution with a fantastic set of options and customization tied with ControlMoney’s prime dedicated 24/7 support. It is also built for Agent, Online, Mobile & e-Wallet channels in sending markets, plus Payer Solutions for Receiving Markets.

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