“It all began in 1989 with the partnership of two professionals with extensive experience in the foreign exchangearea.

In 1993, B&T was founded. Since the beginning, B&T has been ahead of its time. In the constant pursuit of excellence, it has invested generously in new technologies and special training programs for its employees.

The growth of B&T in Rio de Janeiro allowed it to expand, with a new branch in São Paulo in 1995, and since then, it has established itself as a company with high quality and customer personalized service.

Furthermore, B&T has a great technological infrastructure able to surpass our clients’ expectations, focused on reducing costs and simplifying transaction procedures.

With approximately 3,000 thousand clients in its portfolio, B&T is present in almost all Brazilian states. In addition to its intermediation services in foreign exchange operations, it stands out for its performance in consulting in trade finance and in the tax area. B&T develops structured operations such as the financing of imports of goods and services from abroad, international leasing of imported goods and equipment, among others.

The company also provides tax support in operations such as International Merchandise Leasing of Goods, Equipment Rental, Technology Transfer, Royalties Payment, specially in operations of International Maritime and Air Transport.

The tourists currency exchange services also deserves a prominent place within the company. Transparency, security, agility

and compliance with current regulation are characteristics of its performance.”