Bitcoin Workshop

Remittances for the 21st Century?

2:20 pm-5:30 pm
June 25, 2014

Your Conference Registration includes this half day intensive Bitcoin Workshop. Please check the agenda to see the different aspects that will be covered in this workshop that will give you all the elements and the information to get a comprehensive understanding of Bitcoin, its present regulatory status in the US, the potential uses and the possibilities of Bitcoin as a channel for remittances..

“Since the first news about Bitcoin started to gather momentum, the use of bitcoin as a remittance instrument has always been mentioned without a deeper understanding of what this means, how bitcoin could be used by the millions of migrants that send money home everyday. As the premier remittance event in the USA, IMTC has realized that we needed to discuss this issue, setting the ground for a dialog between bitcoincompanies and traditional – and alternative –  money transfer entities. Join us!”

Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, IMTC Director

14:00 Introduction to the Workshop
Andrew Ittleman – Workshop Coordinator

14:15 PANELAn introduction to bitcoin and the bitcoin protocol –
Paul Puey, Airbitz – Marni Melrose, Digital Currency Institute

14:45 PANEL: Bitcoin and Remittances – Why is Bitcoin attractive as a Remittance Product
Scott Morgan, Aibitz – Steve Michaels, Pay – Pablo Gonzalez, Bitso

15:15  Coffee Break – Trade Fair – Networking – Meetings

16:00 PANEL: Bitcoin and Remittances: The future is now – Practical Ways Bitcoin is being used now
Panelists: Daniel Aranda, Ripple – Chris Brunner, Trucoin

16:30 PANEL: Bitcoin Regulation: Bitcoin as Money Transmitters, same license, same requirements?
Panelists: Carol Van Cleef, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips – Robert Pargac, Navigant – Connie Fenchel, AML Experts

17:00Q & A Session
Exploring Solutions through collaboration and common efforts