Ali Ansari is a senior executive experienced in all facets of Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Forensic Accounting, fraud prevention and detection. He has over 35 years of experience directing multiple projects in all areas of financial operations, Risks and Risk Management, DPA Investigations, reviews and monitoring, Compliance Reviews and investigations, white collar crime investigations and Economic damages.
He regularly conducts Internal Audit & AML/FCPA training for financial institutions, and is an approved speaker for the Florida Bar to conduct courses in the areas of Internal Audit, AML/FCPA, Litigation Consulting and Ethics for CLE credits to various financial institutions and law firms.
Ali has served as a Board member of various startups providing insight and expertise on
financial matters and served for three years as a board member of the Florida ACFE Chapter. He is well versed in IT systems, including creating proprietary models as part of testimony in various litigation cases as an expert witness as well as process flows in creating, developing and executing various financial projects from soup to nuts DPA monitoring, Internal Audit projects, Risk Management Systems in the US, Latin America,
Europe, Middle East and South Asia.
He will be joining the IMTC Compliance & Regulatory Group and collaborate in the MTCC Compliance Certification Course, Standard and Advanced.
  • Created internal review platform and policies & procedures to implement AML practice, training procedures and compliance for various financial institutions (Banks, Broker-Dealers, MSB’s, Private Equity and Hedge funds). This includes reviews of procedures and compliance in AML/ATF, OFAC, KYC, CIP, SAR, CTR, BSA and USA PATRIOT Act along with SEC regulations and provisons, and its applications.
  • Lead team at a large financial institution tasked with a review of mortgage foreclosures, as a result of OCC consent order to identify and mitigate deficienciesand unsafe/unsound mortgage practices.
  • Conducted over 25 large and medium sized AML reviews and Look-Backs at various financial institutions, extensive Look-Backs either as a result of regulatory requirements or to assist the financial institution to install safe practices.
  • Conducted extensive engagements in AML & FCPA reviews for multiple clients and locations (including international) for various large financial institutions. Developed and reported on policies and procedures, governance, risk assessment, reporting, training and remediation procedures as required by regulators.
  • Managed, conducted and assisted in various regulatory compliance consulting engagements in US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Assisted various IT firms in developing infrastructure for financial operations, audit teams, conducted complex financial management and due diligence projects.
  • Provided consulting expertise to various small to mid-sized companies in transactional reviews, negotiations with vendors, investors, regulators and legal counsels.
  • Assisted government appointed Monitors to review compliance related to Deferred
    Prosecution Agreements (DPA’s) and OCC orders with various large financial
    institutions in US, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.