Priscilla Friedman comes with an extensive background in operations management, strategy, process improvement, consulting and training. Priscilla started her career in American Express where she led a variety of teams in the call center industry (executive customer care, dispute resolution network and social media response team).

Priscilla Friedman delivered the first social media response team in the banking industry as a new channel of communication. From there, she moved to LATAM side of business learning how to build LRP, business development and build overall strategy for growth. After 9 years at American express, Priscilla moved her skillset into Education industry and lead a team in Laureate to deliver a new digital product called Community of Practice building knowledge base tools and capturing best practices from around the world. Out of this project, Priscilla was promoted to Director of Student Success where she led the retention of student strategy project through Latam and Europe. After 5 years in Laureate, Priscilla joins Crosstech as Chief Operating Officer where she is optimizing operations and will continue to deliver excellence in servicing, relationship management and build upon the company legacy.