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Monday, June 8, 2015

St. John’s, Antigua
July 15,2015

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Miami Beach – Nov 9-12

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Eden Roc Hotel
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•   May 27, 2015 – 6:20 am
Great interaction between #bitcoin & #remittance worlds @IMTConferences #Istanbul @SeedcoinHK @GateHubNet @bitfilmow.ly/K55r7
•   May 27, 2015 – 6:31am
We thank all #IMTCEMEA sponsors for their support & their commitment to development of the Money Transfer Industry ow.ly/K54t1
•   Mar 09, 10:05 am
What about the US Postal Service Branches becoming Money Transfer Agents and offering Bill Payment, Check Cashing? ow.ly/K4Rxm
•   May 26, 8:16 pm
UPT ile MoneyTrans güçlerini birleştirdi! @MoneytransWorld @IMTConferences ow.ly/K2s5b

IMTC EMEA 2015: a huge success

IMTC EMEA 2015 ended last week with more than 160 participants beating all our expectations. We are very thankful with our great sponsors and the speakers who delivered very interesting presentations – downloads available from our IMTC site, and and shared their knowledge and opinions in the panels in our plenaries. We thank also the great reviews.

The number of countries represented and the variety of companies was inspiring and made the afternoon roundtables some of the best I have personally moderated. I hope everyone benefited from them and from networking at the conference.

I can’t thank enough the IMTC team that performed extremely well under a lot of pressure with charm and grace.

Thank you for the comments, suggestions and positive feedback we have been receiving, for the new members coming to our IMTC Linkedin Group and subscribing to our newsletter.

We have committed with everyone present to be back next year with IMTC EMEA 2016 in Istanbul. Not only the city is amazing but the Turkish people have touched our hearts and we can’t say enough about the Conrad’s excellence as a venue and the staff was one of the best. Some photos of the event are in our Facebook page.

We have to thank Laurent Oberholzer from Tawipay, first time participant at an IMTC event who has given us one of the best reviews we have received: https://t.co/I0n7Ipj8b8. It is a great boost to our vision and our drive to do better event as we learn and expand our horizons.

Laurent writes: “The conference was crazy, by far the best networking event I have ever attended. A lot of effort was put into encouraging people to get to talk to each other, from big common lunch tables to long coffee breaks and even a dedicated smartphone app to connect with and contact other attendees. I brought my entire stack of business cards and had handed them all out by the first afternoon! This is networking on steroids. Based on the different people I met, I would say that there was a good and representative mix of old and new in terms of companies and payment systems; from traditional cash at the counter agent networks to Ripple gateway software providers...” . Read the whole article here. Thanks Laurent. Thanks to all who have written and commented.

NBFI Compliance Course in St. John’s, Antigua

We are happy to join the KAW Group in Antiga & Barbuda in its 7th Annual AML Conference with our post-conferece Compliance Course.

For the first time in the Caribbean, IMTC present its renown one day intensive and highly practical Compliance Course developed by Connie Fenchel & Laura Goldzung. In conjunction with KAW Management Services, the course that is presented at all IMTC Conferences, welcomes all the compliance professionals and personnel from Banks and Non-Bank Financial Services institutions in the region. The course will be in English. Upon completion of the course and the successful passing of an online test, participants will be awarded IMTC’s Compliance Course Certificate.

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