NARANBAT Battulga – Fintech evangelist and CEO – Mongolian Mutual Finance Group LLC – Gyals credit NBFI LLC, High Payment Solutions LLC, Gyals tugrug

Naranbat Battulga is a seasoned executive with over 12 years of experience in the banking and finance industry. Before setting-up his own business, he held number of public and corporate leadership roles in the Ministry of Finance working on financial market, government bond and the State Bank of Mongolia as Deputy CEO and CFO.

Currently Naranbat holds the position of CEO in number of financial institutions such as Gyals Tugrug the second biggest SCC in Mongolia, High Payment Solutions, a Fintech company partnered with ACI Worldwide to provide first ever payment gateway services in Mongolia, Gyals Credit NBFI LLC convinced that digital innovation would enable faster, lower-cost money transfers around the world engaging with USA, UK, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

Our Sendly money transfer application’s global operations started from the USA. Since the very first pilots and launches in May 2020, Sendly has delivered its service to Mongolians in the USA and Australia.

Naranbat is a talent scout for innovation and quick to grasp the nuances of customer needs, understand the cross-pollinate ideas across sectors, reshaping established financial service businesses to embrace new paradigm of rapidly changing environment.

He holds a Postgraduate degree from the Institute of Developing Economies in Japan and an Executive BA from the National University of Mongolia.