Nabil Kabbani is the President and CEO of CieloPay, a CGH portfolio company and part of IMTC’s Advisory Board.

Nabil is a growth driver and a multi-disciplinary global leader with a career built on leveraging strategy, technology, and people to transform and scale businesses. He spent twelve years at Western Union, helping it grow to a multi-billion dollar public company working from various locations in the U.S., Beirut, Dubai, Paris, and Brussels.

He led a venture capitalist funded startup that grew through nine acquisitions to become a major player in the Fintech industry. He was the CEO of CommerceGate, a payment processing company in the e-commerce arena prior to joining ACT Holdings. He grew ACT from a $30MM student loan ARM company to an industry-leading $400MM+ diversified BPO. Lately, he was President of QLess, a disruptive SaaS technology startup, helping to scale the business, complete two fund raises, renegotiate venture debt, and double revenues.

Nabil is a U.S. citizen of Lebanese and Russian heritage, studied economics and holds an MBA in finance from the American University of Beirut.