MTCC Compliance Certification Course


In IMTC ASIA 2016 we are offering is offering the industry acclaimed MTCC Compliance Certification Course. The course was developed for IMTC by Connie Fenchel, subject matter expert, consultant and trainer with a distinguished career in Law Enforcement, Regulatory Agencies and in the Private Sector. Full of practical information, unparalleled guidance and important insights on best practices and expectation of supervisory entities worldwide, the course will be taught by Ms. Zory Muñoz Expert Field Compliance Officer which will give her insight and opinions in her work in the region, bringing unsurpassed informational value to all course attendees.

MTCC Compliance Certification Course

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Pre-Conference MTCC


MTCC Compliance Certification Course – Pre-Conference Day

Your Course Registration includes a one day intensive and highly practical Course with a morning coffee break, Lunch, afternoon coffee break, admission to the Trade Fair in the afternoon, and an invitation to the Welcome Reception at the end of the day. The course will be in English. Upon completion of the course and the successful passing of an online test, participants will be awarded a Certificate and their names will be displayed in our Certified Money Transfer Compliance Specialists page. Build important technical skills and strategies to manage industry requirements while enhancing the technical skills and awareness necessary to handle the challenges that BSA/AML/CTF/Fraud compliance presents internationally to Non-Bank Financial/Payment Institutions, Foreign Exchange Firms and Money Transfer Businesses.

Main Course Subjects

•  Framework and application of AML laws, regulations and compliance environment for money transmitters
•   Developing a AML risk assessment
•   High-risk products, services and geographies
•   Mobile Wallets, Bitcoins and other alternative Payment Systems
•   Components of a risk-based anti-money laundering compliance program
•   Essentials for effective customer identification and due diligence
•   Training for appropriate personnel
•   Creating an effective transaction monitoring program
•   Red flags
•   Identifying and reporting suspicious activity (SARs)
•   Currency transaction reports (CTRs)
•   Recordkeeping requirements
•   Responding to law enforcement requests
•   How OFAC compliance fits into the program
•   Understand the AML review and testing requirement
•   Penalties for non-compliance and enforcement actions

The course will be in English. Upon completion of the course and the successful passing of an online test, participants will be awarded the Certificate and their names will appear in our Certified Money Transfer Compliance Specialists page.

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