MTBIT – Remittances & Blockchains | IMTC EMEA 2015

May 25th
Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus
9:00 am – 5:30 pm

MTBIT – our Remittances & Blockchain Day at IMTC, is an open forum (by invitation only) where Blockchain-based protocols such as Bitcoin, Ripple, etc. will be discussed in a Roundtable setting moderated by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr. Panelists will introduce a range of practical subjects mostly directed towards emerging money transfer & remittance systems based on the new protocols that cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin, Ripple, etc, are bringing to the international money transfer world. We are inviting experts from companies and start-ups that are challenging traditional remittances methods in Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia.

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The potential that Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar and other protocols have for money transfer & remittances is enormous. Companies are being built and will sooner or later become a vital part of new international money transfer systems that can include the traditional remittance companies if they learn, adapt, innovate and evolve. The blockchain technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be a secure & cost-efficient digital money system that will undoubtedly bring a number of changes to the way we transfer value internationally. “Rebittances” are already taking place with the use of bitcoin as an intermediary currency between local currencies. The Ripple Network has already being implemented by Banks &Forex Companies in different geographies. All these innovations will become a reality in a not so distant future. Regulation is slowly making the ecosystem more dependable and safer. Compliance and KYC will be even easier than is today. That is why we at IMTC think that it is important to learn, to listen, to analyze and to create partnerships between the old and the new to find better ways to move forward as an industry.
MTBIT is the forum to discuss these innovations, to explore the possibilities and create bridges now. The future is now. Participation in MTBIT in Istanbul is free but you must be you must be Invited!. Very few spaces left. Fill the form now.


The MTBIT Day will have morning sessions with a mid-morning coffee break, a mid-day Lunch and afternoon sessions with a mid-afternoon coffee break. In this afternoon break MTBIT attendees will visit IMTC’s Trade Fair. We will close the day with a Welcome Reception for great networking (with drinks, hors d’oeuvres and entertainment).

The MTBIT Day will be in English only. Upon completion of the day, participants will receive an IMTC’s MTBIT Day Participation Certificate.

Aaron-Koenig_BookIn the afternoon author Aaron Koenig will present his new book “BITCOIN – Geld ohne Staat: Die digitale Währung aus Sicht der Wiener Schule der Volkswirtschaft

Bitcoin – money without a state: The digital currency from the Vienna School of Economics point of  view



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