Mr. Moinuddin is Chief Executive of The Compliance Training & Consultancy, Pakistan (TCTC). He served State Bank of Pakistan – SBP (central bank of the country) for over 32 years. Prior to his retirement from SBP, he was holding two positions (1) Divisional Head of Foreign Exchange Compliance & Home Remittances Division at SBP and Head Pakistan Remittance Initiative ( PRI) from 2013 to 2020. PRI is a joint initiative of SBP, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis to increase the ‘ow of home remittances through formal channel.

TCTC Pakistan is providing training to financial sector and non financial professionals in the areas of AML, CTF, Mitigating rRsks of Trade Based Money Laundering, Compliance and Regulatory Issues in Cross Boarder Payments , etc.

He graduated in Economics from University of Karachi in 1987 and from Williams College, USA in 2002. He served in various departments of the central of the country including Research Department, Training Department, Economic Analysis Department, Monetary Policy Department. He has participated in a number of training courses, conferences and workshops within the country and abroad.