Lubin B. Reyes accomplished executive with top flight FX, Payment and Compliance leadership experience in both public and private large corporate environments. Robust, valuable network of contact with the foreign exchange industry globally- from African and South America to Asia to Australia; the fusion of these contacts is what brought about change of value centered on digital payments in both B2B and B2C and disruptive C2C payment solutions.

Over the years, he has successfully forged a repute as a De-Risking, Payment and Compliance Consultant with a track record of driving positive change through the delivery of exotic currency liquidity to the UK foreign exchange industry. His career also spans strategic positions including managing a client portfolio that traded $1.2 Billion USD in 3 years.

With the recent growing ‘de-risking’ practice adopted by large global banks, Nations, Corporations and individuals with limited financial markets could be totally cut off from access to regulated financial services.

► He helps companies and clients with business relationships considered “high-risk” by financial institutions with an innovative payment solution and FX services ranging from including Payments, Compliance, Cash Management, including AI systems for Intelligent Assistance for Compliance.

His clients are nations, individuals, influencers, financial institutions, investor, and high-risk merchants seeking Nation PR and Reputational Risk Management, Foreign Exchange and Payments, Global Currency Accounts, & API Integrations.

He is the Founder of Custodial Management Solutions – a financial agency – where he led his team to take pioneering payment solutions to the de-risked market. By partnering with their clients, he works together to develop proven, bespoke and ready approach for your business need.

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