Mark Heynen
Crystal Wright
Jenny Ortiz
José Burbano
Peter Kerstens
Céu Pereira
Salvador Bonilla
Brenda Villanueva
Faisal Rashid
Sandra Yao
Carlos Zuniga
José Varanda
Heloiza Canassa
Claudio Peixoto
Juan Carlos Bustillos
Carlos Angulo
Benjamin Weiss
Gabriel Carvajalino
Nick Cantino
Marina Olman-Pal
Larisa Vargas
María Gabriela Valverde
George Gvazava
Pascale Brien
Simon Chamorro
Neil Chopra
Josep Arroyo
Sabith Khan
Jonathan Capal
Dianne Nguyen
Cruz Vargas
Maribel Sayago
Rogelio Welko
Nabil Kabbani
Herbert Hernández
Michel Caputi
Luis Beneytez
Yuval Tal
Sandro García Rojas
Ricardo Gómez
Berenice Leon Arrioja
Roy Germano
Aik-Boon Tan
Nina Hülsken
Joseph Ciccolo
Aurora Garza Hagan
Carolyn Dicharry
Brandi Reynolds
Yakov Hofner
Olivia Chow
George Harrap
Mario Mochetti
Waldemar Alvarez
Pedro de Vasconcellos
Daniel Wood
Rick St. Onge
Sergio Perez Ruiz
Bertha Silvia Mena de Morán
Craig Saperstein
Amy Greenwood-Field
Carl A. Fornaris
Aamer Abedi
Lourdes Soto Morales
Kathy Tomasofski
Kelly Massaro
Dora Ziambra
Daniel Trias
Luis Buenaventura II
Salvador Velazquez
Zory Munoz
Leon Isaacs
Hugo Cuevas-Mohr

♦ Speakers and Panelists
a) IMTC attracts a number of experts and industry executives in different fields and areas that want to participate in the different events we produce. We choose speakers and panelists that we find interesting to all the participants to the Conference, Courses, Seminars and Workshops based on a wide variety of factors that change and evolve through time.
b) IMTC does not pay any fees to speakers for their presentations, nor “sells” speaker slots, and does not pay for travel or accommodations for speakers in presential events. We have made exceptions to this rule to participants from multilateral agencies, educational institutions, other non-profits and government officials, to encourage their involvement with the industry. Speaker and Panelists are normally required to pay for their registration into the conference but we do make the same exceptions.
c) IMTC gives priority to sponsors & exhibitors in designating a speaker or a panelist but reserves the right to accept such designation.
d) Most panelists are selected from the attendees already registered at the conference to lead or anchor a subject matter and open the discussion.
e) Most industry attendees are honored to be approached by IMTC and happily agree to be part of a panel, round-table, or discussion but, of course, participation is voluntary. Such participation is strictly done as individual-subject-matter experts and never on the name of the company they work for.
f) IMTC is not liable if a speaker or panelist is not able to be present at the time and place specified in the Agenda. IMTC is not in any way liable for the views and opinions of Speakers and Panelists invited.

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