Nobu Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach –  November 12 -15, 2019 


Remittances Innovation Forum

REM FORUMAttend this one-day intensive forum on Remittances Innovation and the role that Fintech is playing in the industry, whether providing services for the public or partnering with other companies. We will discuss Blockchain & Virtual Currencies and hear from the companies that are making it happen

MTCC - Money Transfer Compliance Course

MTCCICONAttend our one-day intensive and highly practical MTCC Compliance Certification Course to obtain the knowledge required to understand, plan, develop and manage compliance programs by Financial Institutions involved in International Money Transfers & Cross-Border Payments. Skillful and seasoned Compliance Professionals are key to any traditional or fintech company. Join us! – For more information on the course…

Money Transfers & Fintech Course

MT&FTAttend this one-day MONEY TRANSFERS & FINTECH  Course taught by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr as he walks through the present and future of the Money Transfer & Payments sector, from remittances, P2P, P2B, B2B and all the products & services being developed in this fascinating industry that grows in leaps & bounds. This course will take you from regulation to innovation, banking disruption, payments revolution to the present & future of blockchain & cryptocurrencies.