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IMTC Forum in San Juan focus: International Financial Entities

The Government of Puerto Rico instituted this development program which provides a very interesting possibility for Financial Services Industry participants in other jurisdictions to invest in the island, contributing to the very much needed capital and job formation – especially after the devastating hurricane in 2017, and receive some tax relief and other important perks, such as being able to file for a connection to the FRDNY (Federal Reserve Bank of New York).

Helping you explore if an IFE is the path that you or your company should take is the reason you should come to San Juan on June 5 & 6. On June 5th we will have a Compliance Certification Course to help the island develop their compliance work force and an IFE Act Workshop. On June 6th is the full fledged event.

This business event is designed to help Puerto Rico recover while you learn from this program

Becoming licensed as an International Financial Entity in Puerto Rico is an elaborate process and the OCIF (Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions) goes through a very detailed vetting path to make sure the IFEs authorized are up-to-par with any top-notch financial institution in the world. Is certainly an innovative and very important development that the US financial industry needs and the event will explore the benefits & opportunities but also the challenges the IFEs are facing.

We expect financial services companies from the US, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe & Asia, investors,  as well as second and third tier banks willing to offer correspondent services to IFEs, as well as firms & individuals that provide services such as consulting, legal, compliance, technology, auditing, accounting.

8:00-9:00 Registration

The MTCC Compliance Certification Course - Morning Session

Instructors: Connie Fenchel – Dolores Marichal – more info…
9:00 – 13:00

The IFE Act Seminar

Instructors: Ana del Toro – Jose L. Ramirez – more info…
14:00 – 17:00

The MTCC Compliance Certification Course - Afternoon Session

Instructors: Connie Fenchel – Dolores Marichal – more info…
14:00 – 17:00


Moderator: Hugo Cuevas-Mohr
9:00 – 10:30


Moderator: Hugo Cuevas-Mohr
11:30 – 13:00

Round Tables - Breakout Session A

Moderator: Ana del Toro
14:30 – 15:30

Round Tables - Breakout Session B

Moderator: Hugo Cuevas-Mohr
14:30 – 15:30

Round Tables - Breakout Session A

Moderator: Ana del Toro
16:15 – 17:00

Round Tables - Breakout Session B

Moderator: Hugo Cuevas-Mohr
16:15 – 17:00


Ana del Toro
José Luis Ramírez-Coll
Connie Fenchel
Hugo Cuevas-Mohr



These prices are in US Dollars. You can pay online using a credit card or pay with a US check or an International Wire Transfer (in USD to our US Bank Account). You can pay in Euros too. You can register for the Conference only, attend our Pre-Conference Course OR Seminar or BOTH, the Conference + Pre-Conference at a discounted price.

The sooner you register the more you save!

Super Early BirdEarly BirdAdvancedStandardOn Site
Mar 5 - March 26March 27 - April 23April 24 - May 21May 22 - June 4JUNE 5
CONFERENCE + IFE ACT SEMINAR$ 495$ 695$ 795$ 895$ 1,000
COMPLIANCE COURSE*$ 250$ 300$ 350$ 400$ 450
CONFERENCE + COMPLIANCE COURSE$ 650$ 850$ 950$ 1,050$1,200

*Students & other individuals in Puerto Rico can take advantage of a US 100 discount voucher courtesy of Antonetti, Montalvo & Ramírez-Coll (AMRC). Contact us before you register and we will send you a PDF voucher.


  • We offer an automatic 15% off for a 2nd & 3rd registrants from the same company
  • We offer larger discounts for the 4+ participants from the same group
  • We offer 50% discounts to NGOs, Government Institutions & Multilateral Agencies
  • We offer discounts for experienced industry individuals seeking for a new position
  • We offer discounts for Academia and for Start-Ups

Important Information:

All Registrants need to accept IMTC’s Registration Terms & Conditions especially with respect to Cancellation or Relocation of Conference, IMTC Liability, Use of Promotional Items, Appointments with outside visitors, Renting Rooms in the Conference Venue, Registration Name Change, Cancellations & Credits, Lost Badges, Removal from event, Provisions for Speakers and Panelists, Photographs and Video and/or Audio Recordings, Letters of Invitation for Visas or other purposes, Visa Requirements of the host country and Data Protection/Sharing of Contact Details.


Let the Caribbean rhythm fuel every minute of your stay at La Concha, a resort in the heart of El Condado in San Juan. Live the buena vida and grab the moment with cool, San Juan beachside days and warm ocean breezes. The conference area is the perfect setting for networking. The conference terrace overlooks the beautiful Condado Beach. Hang out by lively pools or lounge under the wind-sculpted palm trees hugging the ocean. Enjoy exotic and local flavors at one of our chic Condado restaurants or sip a yummy island cocktail at our plush bar and lounge scene. Come see why San Juan’s La Concha Resort is the place to be in Puerto Rico.


The MTCC Compliance Course

MTCCICONAttend this one-day intensive and highly practical Compliance Course to obtain the knowledge required to understand, plan, develop and manage compliance programs in Financial Institutions. One of the key job opportunities in Puerto Rico is in the field of Compliance and this course can help you seek better employment. The Course will make a special emphasis on Transaction-based Compliance, International Money Transfers & any cross-border transfers & payments. Students in this course will be prepared for an Online Certification Exam.


IFEIn Act No. 273 of Sept. 2012, Puerto Rico created the International Financial Entities (IFEs or EFIs in Spanish) to bring much needed investment & jobs to the island. It was believed to be one of the most effective licenses for Financial Institutions that could set-up a Small International Bank and provide Financial Services Companies bank products & services. Learn how the Act came about, his initial intentions, the licensing process, the FRBNY application and the current state of IFEs in Puerto Rico.


  • qoute_ico01 IMTC USA in San Francisco was the best IMTC so far and everyone else thought so too. I think being in SF really brought balance to the attendees and a fresh look at fintech/blockchain/virtuals/emerging companies .
    In the compliance segment., Connie did a great job recruiting the right people and the topics and caliber of speakers were excellent.

    Laura Goldzung
  • qoute_ico01 Thank you for your tireless work to put on a truly unique and valuable conference. We appreciated each detail from the panelists to subject matters to the opportunities to network. I’ve taken part in many conferences, but this was one of the most productive three conference days I’ve taken part in. We look forward to participating in future IMTC conferences. qoute_ico02

    Elizabeth McCauley
  • qoute_ico01 This conference [IMTC USA] was a well-run, professional-grade conference in all respects and attended by high quality professionals. In my book, being referred to as a professional-grade operation is about the highest praise I can offer or receive. I look forward to continuing our relationship.qoute_ico02

    Geoffrey Rempel
  • qoute_ico01 I want to take a moment to really thank you for hosting a wonderful conference in Delhi. I learnt a lot whilst having a chance to meet many companies and people!qoute_ico02

    Anil Kapur
  • qoute_ico01 Hugo, you are doing amazing work these days! The Cuba conference surpassed my expectations by a mile. Like I said in the video, I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it!qoute_ico02

    Andrew S. Ittleman
  • qoute_ico01 It was great knowing you, Hugo. You and your team did a really great job in IMTC ASIA in Delhi. Really appreciate your efforts towards initiating this forum in India!qoute_ico02

    Angaj Bhandari
  • qoute_ico01 It was indeed great attending IMTC Asia 2016 in New Delhi, helped me to meet industry friends and at the same time found some new business opportunities.qoute_ico02

    Samir Vidhate
  • qoute_ico01 Me dio mucho gusto tener la oportunidad  de conocerlo y a su equipo de trabajo durante la IMTC LATAM que patrocinamos;  espero a futuro poder explorar la oportunidad de compartir otras reuniones y agradezco su colaboración en todos nuestros requerimientos; igualmente quiero felicitarlo por su exposición y comentarios; nos abre un  mundo de oportunidades en este sector al cual le coloco la misma pasión y energía que usted menciona en sus conferencias.qoute_ico02

    Luis Melo
  • qoute_ico01  I would like to wholeheartedly thank IMTC for the fantastic opportunity to meet so many great people from the field of migration and remittances. I am really moved by their openness and kindness. I will do my best to stay in touch with everyone I met, and develop further collaboration qoute_ico02

    Alina Cazachevici
  • I want to thank you for the opportunity to provide remarks at IMTC. It was an absolutely fantastic crowd and it was a pleasure to inform them of what GAO is currently working on and to connect with attendees and hear their perspectives. We look forward to interviewing several who reached out to me at the event. Congratulations to you and the entire team for a tremendous conference. It was the most enjoyable conference I have attended in 2016. Well done!

    Tonita Gillich
  • qoute_ico01Parabéns pelo evento ! Em nome de toda à Diretoria da ABRACAM, quero agradecer a oportunidade que o IMTC proporcionou para o Brasil e em especial à ABRACAM. Sentimos honrados com o evento e esperamos ter contribuído da melhor forma possível. Estendo esses agradecimentos à toda a equipe fantástica do IMTC.qoute_ico02

    Luciano Hayata
  • qoute_ico01I was able to share the success of Bitcoin. I shared the technology and learn from the people in the industry on how to leverage network of independent money transmittors. I had a great time in Miami.qoute_ico02

    Haseeb Awan