Our IMTC Forum San Juan has been postponed for a later date. We decided that Puerto Rico’s International Financial Service Sector will be better served by the IMTC’s program if we postpone the conference for another more suitable date for all stakeholders.

As all the IMTC conferences, our objective in organizing an event is to contribute with the development of better, more inclusive, more transparent, efficient & robust international financial services marketplace for the institutions that serve the needs of businesses and individuals with their cross-border needs. We have a long track record achieving this, even in these difficult times when derisking has hurt all international financial services providers, not only non-bank entities, but also smaller banks, like IBEs & IFEs in Puerto Rico, in desperate need of corresponding banking. Emerging markets have seen correspondent banking drop more than 20% in this last year alone. It is a hard fact that disintermediating US banks is in the mind of colleagues in many countries in the world, in order to continue to provide cross-border services to business & individuals in their local markets.

We think that the IMTC Forum will be important, when the time comes, for International Financial Services Sector in Puerto Rico and we will  be informing a new date very soon.

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IMTC Forum in San Juan focus: International Financial Services & Fintech Sectors in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been, since the early nineties, attracting investments for its growing international financial services sector. Operating licenses to International Banking Entities (IBEs) where first given in 1989 and by 2011, 31 IBEs – with total assets of $44 billion where operating. In 2012, the Government of Puerto Rico instituted a number of development programs, like the IFE Act of 2012 that created the International Financial Entities (IFEs) replacing the IBE Act, in order to increase investment in the international financial sector. By 2016, there were 61 total EBIs and EFIs and the rapid rate of growth has created a complex situation that must be addressed by government, regulators, banking experts, legal advisers, consultants, the Federal Reserve and the industry; the financial entities in operation, the ones struggling to begin as well as the ones in the process of applying.

The Financial Sector is evolving globally and Puerto Rico must discuss its future as a sound and solid International Financial Services Center. This might not be one of the top 5 issues that the island is facing in 2018 after Maria, but is an issue that needs addressing. And we are doing just that. Join the discussion.

This business event is designed to help the International Financial Services sector in Puerto Rico to find solutions and move forward

The IMTC Forum San Juan 2018 is, like all IMTC initiatives, to bring together the world of international financial services, bank and non-bank, traditional & fintech, in one place to meet, discuss, and collaborate on the most pressing industry issues and their potential solutions. We not only seek to understand the issues, we strive to look for solutions by inviting all the stakeholders, public & private, government & non-government, the industry, large & small, to a forum where we can listen to every side, whenever possible. We have an excellent track record with the money transfer, remittances and cross-border payments industry.

The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions – OFIC (confirmed), The Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico – DDEC (invited) and many other public & private entities have been invited to share ideas and discuss the most relevant issues. We have also invited the fintech sector, the the fintech accelerators that are building the future of the islands financial sector. We hope you join us.

8:00-9:00 Registration

The MTCC Compliance Certification Course - Morning Session

Instructors: Connie Fenchel – Dolores Marichal – more info…
9:00 – 13:00

Fintech Innovation in Puerto Rico

Moderator: Hugo Cuevas-Mohr – more info…
9:00 – 13:00

The IFE Act Seminar

Instructors: Ana del Toro – Jose L. Ramirez – more info…
14:00 – 17:00

The MTCC Compliance Certification Course - Afternoon Session

Instructors: Connie Fenchel – Dolores Marichal – more info…
14:00 – 17:00


Moderator: Hugo Cuevas-Mohr
9:00 – 10:30


Moderator: Hugo Cuevas-Mohr
11:30 – 13:00

Round Tables - Breakout Session A

Moderator: Ana del Toro
14:30 – 15:30

Round Tables - Breakout Session B

Moderator: Hugo Cuevas-Mohr
14:30 – 15:30

Round Tables - Breakout Session A

Moderator: Ana del Toro
16:15 – 17:00

Round Tables - Breakout Session B

Moderator: Hugo Cuevas-Mohr
16:15 – 17:00


George Joyner
Manuel Laboy
Arturo Carrión
Dolores D. Marichal
Ana del Toro
José Luis Ramírez-Coll
Zory Munoz
Hugo Cuevas-Mohr



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Let the Caribbean rhythm fuel every minute of your stay at La Concha, a resort in the heart of El Condado in San Juan. Live the buena vida and grab the moment with cool, San Juan beachside days and warm ocean breezes. The conference area is the perfect setting for networking. The conference terrace overlooks the beautiful Condado Beach. Hang out by lively pools or lounge under the wind-sculpted palm trees hugging the ocean. Enjoy exotic and local flavors at one of our chic Condado restaurants or sip a yummy island cocktail at our plush bar and lounge scene. Come see why San Juan’s La Concha Resort is the place to be in Puerto Rico.


The MTCC Compliance Course

MTCCICONAttend this one-day intensive and highly practical Compliance Course to obtain the knowledge required to understand, plan, develop and manage compliance programs in Financial Institutions. One of the key job opportunities in Puerto Rico is in the field of Compliance and this course can help you seek better employment. The Course will make a special emphasis on Transaction-based Compliance, International Money Transfers & any cross-border transfers & payments. Students in this course will be prepared for an Online Certification Exam.


IFEIn Act No. 273 of Sept. 2012, Puerto Rico created the International Financial Entities (IFEs or EFIs in Spanish) to bring much needed investment & jobs to the island. It was believed to be one of the most effective licenses for Financial Institutions that could set-up a Small International Bank and provide Financial Services Companies bank products & services. Learn how the Act came about, his initial intentions, the licensing process, the FRBNY application and the current state of IFEs in Puerto Rico.


IFEFintech has created a major impact in the financial services industry worldwide, leveraging technology & creativity, from Peer-to-Peer lending, Virtual Currencies & Tokens, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Biometric applications, and so on. Fintech has created a revolution in all the financial sectors where everyone, from start-ups to traditional institutions is involved. Let’s explore the fintech sector in Puerto Rico: what we have now and the opportunities available.