IMTC- Association Partnerships

We are very interested in partnering with any International Money Transfer & Payments industry Association, any where in the world. We don’t want to discriminate against or in favor of any association but here is a list of issues we care about:

  • The organizations we want to partner with are associations of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs), Remittance Service Providers (RSPs), Money Services Businesses (MSBs), Payment Institutions (PIs), Virtual Currency Firms but also Mobile Money Network Operators (MMNOs), Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and Forex Exchange Service Providers.
  • The organizations we want to partner should be industry representative and industry managed, with open membership, with policies that are inclusive and based in published terms and conditions with a clear vision to draw the industry together for the common good. They are usually not for profit.
  • IMTC’s partnerships are based on non-financial, win-win relationships, where the association members benefit from their organization partnership with IMTC and IMTC benefits too

What are the benefits that IMTC provides Industry Associations:

  • Member Discounts to participate in IMTC events
  • Invitation to association directors as speakers and panelists to share the views, concerns, challenges and ideas of their organization and its members.
  • Submission of ideas and suggestions for panels and sessions in our events as well as suggestions for panelists and speakers.
  • Promotion of the Association using IMTC’s large subscriber database and active social media channels
  • Promotion of the Association in IMTC’s events through distribution of brochures, printing of ads in Conference Book, display of Association Banner, etc.
  • Participation in Association Webinars or any other event that the Association develops.
  • Networking collaboration for Association Members

What are the benefits that IMTC seeks from Industry Associations:

  • Promotion of the participation of Association Members in IMTC Conferences & Events
  • Promotion of an active participation of members in IMTC’s social media channels complementing on the Association’s own social media presence.
  • Posting of IMTC’s Events (Dates, Link)  in the Association Website and information of IMTC’s events in Association media channels
  • Involvement in the causes and campaigns that the association develops. From simple information to contributions, for IMTC this is a way to be involved and on the know.

If this is something your association is interested in, please contact us.