Hugo Cuevas-Mohr is the founder of The Platinum Network, Inc (PNET). the company that developed and manages the IMTC Conferences, founded in 2010 and Mohr World Consulting (MWC), founded in 2001. Throughout his career, Hugo has developed other profit and non-profit initiatives in the areas of remittances & migration. Previous to PNET he spent more than 20 years in various roles in the money transfer & foreign exchange institutions, owned several MTOs and became a consultant, advising a number of companies & financial institutions in the Money Transfer & Cross-Border Payments Industry all over the world and is a mentor for several fintech start-ups. PNET has a presence in Miami, Mexico City, and Madrid. He has worked alongside many regulatory bodies looking to facilitate the dialogue between them and the industry, such as Banco de España, and he is part of the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) of the US MSB regulators.

As Money Transfer Expert he is regularly invited to speak and moderate presential and virtual panels at international payment events on different industry topics including remittances, non-bank financial institutions, financial inclusion, mobile money, innovation & fintech and the effects of regulation. He also teaches courses on different subjects & is invited as a lecturer in colleges & universities. His work as a consultant led to the development of the RemTECH Awards, the founding of the Money Services Business Association (MSBA), the International Courier Services Association (ICSA), and the International Organization for Remittances and Migration (IOREM). His occasional newsletter has thousands of followers: subscribe here. You can view his resume here.