Taller de Bitcoin

Remesas del Siglo XXI?

2:20 pm-5:30 pm
Junio 25, 2014

Su inscripción a la conferencia incluye esta sesión de la tarde. Por favor, consulte la agenda para ver los diferentes temas que se tratarán en este taller que le dará todos los elementos y la información para conseguir una comprensión global de Bitcoin, su actual situación regultoria en los EE.UU., los usos potenciales y las posibilidades de Bitcoin como canal de remesas. Taller se dictará en inglés y no habrá traducción simultánea.

“Since the first news about Bitcoin started to gather momentum, the use of bitcoin as a remittance instrument has always been mentioned without a deeper understanding of what this means, how bitcoin could be used by the millions of migrants that send money home everyday. As the premier remittance event in the USA, IMTC has realized that we needed to discuss this issue, setting the ground for a dialog between bitcoincompanies and traditional – and alternative –  money transfer entities. Join us!”

Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, IMTC Director


Remittances for the 21st Century?

14:00 Introduction to the Workshop
Andrew Ittleman – Workshop Coordinator
14:15 PANELAn introduction to bitcoin and the bitcoin protocol
14:45 PANEL: Bitcoin and Remittances
15:15 Coffee Break – Trade Fair

Networking – Meetings

16:00 PANEL: Bitcoin and Risk: Separating Myth from Reality
16:30 PANEL: Regulation of VCs in the US – What we have seen up to now and what are likely to see next
17:00 Q & A Session
Exploring Solutions through collaboration and common efforts