Suhail Shamsi is working as Ria Money Transfer’s Business Development Director for South Asia. He is based in London where his main responsibility is to develop correspondent networks in South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. His work experience in Ria spans more than 13 years, beginning as an Account Manager in the UK. During the course of his career, he has worked with almost every department of the company.

After moving to the UK, Suhail was involved in commodities trading for six years where he interacted with trading companies and gained experience in in the commodities market. In his home country of India, Suhail had previously established and managed a rice manufacturing industry and held the position of managing partner for more than eight years, where he closely interacted with financial institutions, banks and regulatory authorities.

Suhail’s proven track record with business negotiation, combined with his deep knowledge of the South Asian market, has helped to make Ria a leading money transfer company in South Asia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Engineering and speaks English, Urdu and Hindi.