Simple Transfer

A service of Zamir Telecom, simpletransfer is the safe and secure money transfer and currency exchange service available to more than 95 global destinations. As a global leader in providing solutions for Internet and Telecommunication sectors, Zamir Telecom is a wholesale A-Z carrier providing direct interconnects to major global regions and multi-national network operators. It delivers business, operational and turnkey solutions for governments, mobile network operators and institutions requiring infrastructural development in ICT.

“Surf, Shop & Send Money. It’s simple” is the tag line for SimpleCall Lounge, a brand new vibrant and exciting retail environment. Surf the web, shop for SimpleCall products, transfer money abroad, or check out the new SimpleCall Corporate communication solutions for businesses. SimpleCall Lounge flagship location opened in East Ham, London. SimpleCall started out as a high quality, affordable and honest calling service, and is now one of Zamir Telecom’s many trusted services celebrated for transparency, simplicity and reliability.