M-PESA Transforms Lives

In March 2007, Safaricom launched M-PESA with a promise to our customers that they could rely on the service as a fast and easy way to send money home. Since then, we have maintained a deliberate and consistent focus on the needs of our customers by persistently innovating around the service to create more value in their lives.

Today, more than 16.5 million customers in Kenya count on the affordability and convenience of MPESA every day, from allowing them to send and receive money, make and receive cashless payments, and to even borrow and save.

In 2011, we began offering M-PESA as an option for customers looking to make and receive International Money Transfers (IMT). Due to M-PESA’s proven convenience and affordability, more than 49 percent of IMT customers in the country now prefer mobile money when performing such transactions.

For the last 10 years, M-PESA has enabled millions of our customers to conveniently and affordably access a range of financial services and as a result, the service has been instrumental in bridging the financial inclusion gap in the country. Since 2008, formal financial inclusion in Kenya has grown by more than 50 percent to now stand at 75 percent.

M-PESA is similarly credited with lifting more than 194,000 families out of poverty in the same period, while also creating economic opportunities for more than 185,000 women in the country.