RemitIT® is a leading software solution provider to the payment industry with its flagship remittance engine application RemitIT® designed to streamline the complexities apparent in the various solutions available in the industry. A software that provides you with the flexibility of customization based on your preference, while providing you with top of the line security.

The simplicity of the RemitIT® money transfer application and risk detection engine is obvious in the design and practicability of the key features that sets it apart from the rest. From the very basic feature of user management to the complexities of KYC and AML management, RemitIT® makes the money transfer business as easy as it ever gets.

Founded by industry experts with decades of experience within finance, technology and compliance industry, RemitIT® packages the entire money transfer ecosystem in a box allowing for a speedy rollout and support for businesses seeking aggressive growth.

With RemitIT®, your business never walks alone! Our consultancy offering ensures that we walk with you to navigate the difficulties of the remittance business. From research and design to rollout and marketing, we guarantee a top-notch service level without scaled service levels.What’s more, we even assist you to recruit partners to terminate transactions in your chosen corridors at a cost you will not find elsewhere!

In summary:

  • Software as a service (SaaS): Allows you to benefit from the many features of RemitIT® without worrying about maintenance or the complex KYC and AML requirements. We get you covered in many areas as we white label the application for you to apply your own branding.
  • Connect to us using API: If you already have an existing software solution and do not want to migrate to RemitIT®, you can you can connect to our system via API for instant delivery in destination countries.
  • Money transfer ecosystem consultancy: We can provide you with everything to get started and connect you with the right teams. Our service include state licensing, AML policies and monitoring, KYC, payment processing, independent reviews.