Las Remesas Familiares y el De-risking en México por Salvador Velázquez

Los migrantes mexicanos en los EEUU son los mexicanos de primera clase. Es en general la población tomadora de riesgos, trabajadora, que tiene un diferente Work Ethic, aun con respecto a los propios trabajadores americanos promedio. Le dan un valor diferente al esfuerzo y la remuneración que por dicho esfuerzo perciben. Algunos son verdaderos emprendedores…


How is technology changing the remittance industry?

In the process of building the RemTECH Awards and asking ourselves what innovation in the remittances industry meant, I searched the internet and talked to colleagues, both in the traditional financial services sector, bank and non-bank, as well as in fintech start-ups. I began with fintech and what is truly interesting is that there…


IMTC LATAM 2017 Afterthoughts

Never before in an IMTC Conference we have had so many representatives from such a large number of sectors of society: politicians, ex-politicians, researchers, academics, pollsters, migration specialists, opinion makers, journalists, social workers, representatives of NGOs, cooperatives, “Cajas” (community banks), workers’ banks, entrepreneurs, remittance companies directives and commercial bank executives. I think that three factors…