Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus
May 26, 2015

For the first time ever, the Money Transfer Industry will have its own Compliance Session that discusses specifically Counter Terrorism Financing. After examining regulations on CTF, we expect attendees to share their views on the development of policies to spot and prevent the use of money transfers in the financing of terrorism, to manage the risk associated with transfers to certain countries and to train company’s personnel in the red flags that might help authorities prevent a terrorism act.

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Coming up soon: May 25th, 2015

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In IMTC EMEA we decided to hold a Counter Terrorism Financing Session on Tuesday, May 26th in the afternoon that can be attended by participants of the MTCC course the previous day, or any conference attendee. US Compliance Expert, Connie Fenchel, will introduce the Seminar and then Mara Wesseling,  a PhD in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam and the author of “Governing The European Fight Against Terrorism Financing“ will dive deep into the subject of the Seminar. After Dr. Wesseling, Scott Dueweke from  Zebryx Consulting, will focus on “Mitigating Geographic and Emerging Product Risks”.

We hope that attending this half-day intensive session attendees will gain the awareness necessary to handle the challenges that CTF compliance presents to Money Transfer Institutions.

NOTE: The Money Transfer Compliance Certification Course (MTCC) developed by Connie Fenchel will be taught in IMTC EMEA in the Pre-Conference Day, Monday, May 25th.


14:30 – 15:30
Introduction to CTF: Connie Fenchel, AML Experts
CTF Session 1: Dr. Mara Wesseling, CSO
– Understanding Terrorism Financing
– The FATF and European legislative framework regarding CTF
– Compliance and Practical Difficulties for Reporting Entities: Taking a risk-based approach to prevent terrorism related transfers.

!6:30 – 17:30
CTF Session 2: Mara Wesseling, CSO
– Analysis of Financial Data by Law Enforcement (and follow up by prosecution)
– The implications for MTOs and RSPs
CTF Session 3: Scott Dueweke, Zebryx
– Mitigating Geographic and Emerging Product Risks
Q & A Session moderated by Connie Fenchel, AML Experts

The seminar will be in English. (session participants will be receiving a Seminar Certificate of Participation).






Scott Dueweke


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