merchants bank

What makes Merchants Bank of California, N.A. stand apart is that it combines the global reach of a multi-national bank with the personalized service of a local bank. This approach allows the Bank to provide a wide range of banking products while maintaining a high level of customer service. Merchants Bank strives to be the best in all they do to service their customers and take great pride in helping their customers reach their financial goals.

With a presence in the Carson community since 1989 (formerly Rancho Dominguez Bank, N.A.), Merchants Bank of California, N.A. has maintained a strong position as a top performer in the banking industry. In 1994 Daniel Roberts decided to purchase the Bank because he saw a prime opportunity to service the check cashing industry. As the owner of a check cashing business since the 1980s, Daniel Roberts experienced first-hand that many banks were unable to sufficiently meet the needs of the MSB industry.

In 1996, Rancho Dominguez Bank, N.A. was given a new name, Merchants Bank of California, N.A., and new managers with expertise in the check cashing industry were brought in to oversee the Bank’s Cash Management department, which was specifically structured to accommodate the cash and credit needs of this very unique and specialized segment of the Bank’s customer base. Merchants Bank of California, N.A. has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It was named the top-performing California bank for Return on Assets (ROA) on March 30, 2000 (with a return of 5.39 percent, as reported by the Wall Street Journal on December 31, 1999) and thanks to their superior customer service and excellent banking products, it has remained a leader in the banking industry for over 20 years.

If you are an individual, business professional or entrepreneur seeking a one-on-one relationship with a banking partner that has experienced professionals ready to customize banking and lending products to meet your specific needs, come in to Merchants Bank, N.A. and experience the difference today. Merhants Bank is an MSB friendly Bank.