M. Lhuillier is a collective name for a wide-reaching group of companies based in Cebu, Philippines, founded by Michel Jones Lhuillier and his wife Amparito Llamas Lhuillier.

The group’s flagship M. Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. is the Philippines’s largest and most respected non-bank financial institution, carving its name with such services as money lending, quick cash loans, domestic and international money transfer, bills payment, cargo and logistics, air and sea travel ticketing, micro-insurance, telecommunications and jewelry.

Aside from being a leader in financial services, the M. Lhuillier Group of Companies is also growing its interests in real property development, construction, bulk water supply, farming and food manufacturing, wines and gourmet products distribution.

M. Lhuillier Financial Services- Today

M. Lhuillier Financial Services is a world-renowned financial institution that continuously seeks for opportunities to grow its business to ensure delivery of commitment. The company, more popularly known as M Lhuillier, “Tulay ng PaMLyang Pilipino”, is currently headed by Michael Lhuillier as the President and CEO of MLFSI-Group of Companies.

M. Lhuillier has become a full-scale financial services company offering service collections, disbursement for the government, bills payment, collections and cash distribution for companies that have a sales forces running throughout the country. With a huge domestic money transfer system, on top of international money remittance partners, insurance products, travel booking payments, Forex/Money changer, Telco loading, Logistic and Investment Services and of course the traditional money lending business.

To date, M Lhuillier is operating close to 2,500 locations across the Philippine archipelago with more than 30 branches in the US. Essentially, M Lhuillier provides an avenue for the Filipinos in the diaspora to achieve the dreams they have for their families here and abroad, and always seek to improve people’s lives through a wide array of products and services.