Leon has a deep knowledge of remittances and in particular, how they work; the development potential of them, regulatory issues across multiple markets; the existing product offerings in the market; the challenges and opportunities in send and receive markets as well as consumer needs. He is a partner and founder of DMA in London where he provides assistance to and delivers projects for a wide range of stakeholders interested in harnessing remittances for development. In this area, DMA clients are predominately multilateral institutions, national development agencies, money services business and Diaspora organizations.

Prior to establishing Developing Markets Associates (DMA), he worked for 15 years at a senior level for a number of international money transfer companies including MoneyGram, Travelex, Thomas Cook and Coinstar. At these companies, he was very involved in developing the strategic direction of the businesses and was responsible for new product development as well as outreach strategies for increasing market share.

Leon continually liaises with international regulators, donor agencies technology companies, consumers, and all stakeholders with an interest in the remittance market. He is a member of the IMTC Advisory Board, Chair of IMTC EMEA and is a frequent a speaker at conferences such as the IMTC, the International Money Transfer Conferences, The GFRID, Global Forum of Remittances Investment & Development and many others.