José Varanda Mechanical Engineer, with a postgraduate degree in Foreign Trade, he made a career at the Central Bank, Ministries of Finance, Planning, Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic and Defense. At the beginning of his career at BC, he worked for 12 years in the Foreign Exchange and International Reserves Departments.

He was part of the team that created the National Treasury Secretariat, where he served as Director of External Operations.

He was Assistant Secretary of the International Secretariat of the Ministry of Planning.

In the Civil House, he coordinated the Infrastructure and State Reform Chambers, where he participated in the creation of the Ministry of Defense, being its first Secretary of Institutional Organization.

In recent years, back at the Central Bank, he was Chief of Staff to the President and, subsequently, Deputy to the Executive Secretary and Secretary of the Ethics Committee.

He is currently a consultant and speaker in the areas of Corporate Governance, Integrity and Compliance Programs, with an emphasis on Ethical Management.